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Thank God I Found You lyrics


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     Thank God I Found You
    >> Mariah Carey
        I would give up everything
    Before I'd separate
    Myself from you,
    After so much suffering
    I've finally found the unvarnished truth
    I was all by myself
    For the longest time
    So cold inside
    And the hurt from the heartache
    Would not subside
    I felt like dying
    Until you saved my life

    Thank God I found you
    I was lost without you
    My every wish and every dream
    Somehow became reality
    When you brought the sunlight
    Completed in my whole life
    I'm overwhelmed with gratitude
    Cause baby I'm so thankful
    I found you

    I will give you everything
    There's nothing in this world
    I wouldn't do
    To ensure your happiness
    I'll cherish every part of you
    'Cause without you beside me
    I can't survive
    Don't want to try
    If you're keeping me warm
    Each and every night
    I'll be alright
    Because I need you in my life


    See I was so desolate
    Before you came to me
    Looking back I guess
    It shows that we were
    Destined to shine
    After the rain, to appreciate
    The gift of what we have
    And i'd go through it all over again
    To be able to feel this way

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